Friday, May 2, 2008

A "Vimochana Samaram" in Nepal?

On May 1, Labour Day, a Maoist group in Chicago handed out at a rally by immigrants a flyer in English and Spanish, which hailed the electoral victory of Nepal’s Maoists and voiced fears of the US, the Indian and Nepalese armies and the parties lost the elections attempting to upset the people’s mandate.
The Maoist statement brings back memories of the so-called "Vimochana Samaram" (Liberation Movement) which brought down Kerala’s first elected government 50 years ago.
The following is the text of the statement:

On May First, International Workers Day:

Revolution is Happening in Nepal!
The world's first communist revolution in decades is on the horizon. Look to Nepal in the foothills of the world's highest mountains, the Himalayas. It is one of the very poorest countries in the world.

But the people of Nepal are leaping forward in their millions -- daring to make a revolution – to challenge the old ways, to overthrow their king and all the old
parties. To remake all of society!

Fighters led by the Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), waging guerrilla war for ten years, liberated over 80 percent of the countryside. To win over the urban people of Nepal, they took part in elections for a "Constituent Assembly" – a historic gathering expected to throw off the hated king and create a new political order.

Already there are rumblings that the U.S., the Indian and Royal Nepalese Army and the old political parties will try to prevent this change. A sharp test of strength --a seizure of power -- may lie just ahead.

The people have said "ENOUGH!" to:

--The bitter poverty of scratching crops from hillsides without sanitation, electricity, communications or even roads – controlled by a feudal state and landlords.
--The vicious power of the capitalist world market that drives so many Nepalese farmers to leave families and homes – to travel to India seeking work.
--The subjugation of women, the arranged marriages and thousands of girls forced into sexual slavery in urban brothels.
--The domination of foreign powers that keep Nepal dependent, poor, and under constant military threat.

Billions of people around the earth suffer all this too! Hundreds of millions drawn across borders trying to find a way to live – a way out of the poverty of farm labor and deep debt. All over the world countries suffer the domination of imperialism – especially US imperialism and the demands of its power.

How many of us, marching today in the streets on May First, know exactly what the people of Nepal are suffering?

Do we share their dreams of revolution and a new world?

Is revolution really impossible? Is capitalism permanent? In this distant corner of the world, our brothers and sisters raise the red flag. This is hidden from us.

The world must know of this Maoist revolution.

The people can make revolution and fight to create a new world!

Stop U.S. moves against the revolution in Nepal!

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