Saturday, June 21, 2008

Growing popularity of Chinese language in Nepal

Many Nepalese people learn English, French, and Japanese. But for the past few years, many Nepalese are also learning Chinese.

In the past, some public and private institutions used to run limited Chinese language classes. But with the increasing interest of many Nepalese in learning Chinese, some institutions have begun teaching Chinese. The Confucius Institute, affiliated to Kathmandu University, has been teaching Chinese for about a year to many different levels.

The institute runs basic, intermediate, Diploma and Degree levels. The institute teaches Chinese through English, so Nepali students can sharpen their English while learning Chinese. Writing, speaking, audio and visual aids are used in the classes.
With the increasing number of Nepali people learning Chinese, it is playing an important role in developing a good relationship between the two countries.

The Confucius institute celebrated its first anniversary on 13th June.--The Red Star, Kathmnandu, June 16-30, 2008)

Another report from the Red Star is reproduced in BHASKAR Blog

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