Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thiruvananthapuram citizens’ group launches development initiative

Ajay Prasad of Trivandrum Bloggers writes:

Let me wish all of you a very happy Onam today and also announce the launch of a new initiative for our beautiful city.

As many of you know, Trivandrum has been facing a lot of hurdles in its development lately due to a variety of reasons, including political apathy, vested interests, media disinterest and general public disengagement with development issues. The Trivandrum Development Front (TDF), which is a voluntary organization that I am part of, has decided that it is long overdue that we, the citizens of Trivandrum, take up our duty to promote our city and its development. We have been interfacing with key stakeholders including the Government, private business, other NGOs and the public to build awareness of and interest in developmental projects in and around Trivandrum. Using the limited technical competencies possessed by our members, most of whom are young professionals, we have also conducted preliminary market and feasibility studies for projects like the Vizhinjam port, Technocity, Mass Transit in Trivandrum and so on.

As the next phase of our work, TDF is launching its website "Tribiz.Com" today at 11 AM IST. Please visit us at when you get time and let me know what you think. We are also launching a periodic newsletter which will follow developmental news in Trivandrum, the newsletter will be available on the website.

I request all your support in making this initiative a success and also ask you to pass on this information to those of your friends who may be interested in understanding Trivandrum better and who are well-wishers of our great city. Thanks!


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