Tuesday, May 12, 2009

TN Malayalees’ confederation launches website

Mr. P. A. Sureshkumar, Secretary, Confederation of Tamilnadu Malayalee Associations, Chennai, writes:

On behalf of CTMA we are very proud to inform you that Confederation of Tamilnadu Malayalee Association has launched its website www.ctma.in.

It was inaugurated by the Chairman of CTMA, Gokulam Gopalan, at a very simple function on Monday, 11th May 2009 at the Malayalee Club, Chennai.

The website has been started with the intention of linking CTMA with the Member Associations and Malayalees in the world. We think that the culture of Malayalees stands apart from that of other communities in the world and we wish to preserve this culture for generations to come. As the world changes faster, people tend to move to far-away lands for better prospects, so separations of families are inevitable, and wherever we go, we form a Malayalee association and try to preserve our interests. But over a period of time we lose our links with other Malayalees or associations who are placed in different states or countries. We at ctma.in intend to bring all the Malayalee associations together where we can exchange ideas and achieve togetherness in this fast-moving turbulent world.

The website has several features, including facilities for photo uploading, Visitors book etc. It also provides the details of Member Associations, Executive Committee of 2008-2011, CTMA events, work centers and their activities, information on CTMA's interventions in various public issues etc.

This website has been dedicated to the great souls who have contributed significantly to the growth of CTMA, like M. A. Abraham, V. Abdullah, Balakrishnan Mangadu, Gopalan Nair and Thalaseri Raghavan who are no longer with us.

Viewers can send their suggestions/observations to president@ctma.in , secretary@ctma.in , treasurer@ctma.in

We invite the participation of all Malayalee Associations and friends to build this website into a comprehensive and effective portal useful to our community.

Secretary, CTMA

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