Wednesday, December 19, 2007

REALITY -- in Kerala and in the United States

Reality shows are currently the rage on Malayalam television, as in some other languages of India. They have replaced tearjerker serials as prime-time favourites.

When reality shows were still few and young, I had discussed them briefly in these columns. (“Kerala dances to the tune of television channels”). Now reality shows are the subject of hot debate in many forums in the State. Renowned playback singer Yesudas was reported as saying these shows should be banned.

Kerala Watch, a public interest forum with which I am associated, recently organized a discussion on the subject. (A report in Malayalam is available at Vaayana blog.) I know of two magazines which have solicited comments on reality shows.

Against this background, a commentary circulated recently by the California-based New American Media, is sure to be of as much interest to readers in Kerala as well as to readers in the United States. The commentator, Andrew Lim, discusses the impact of the strike by writers, who are demanding revenues due to them from New Media, on reality shows. Read on: Writers Strike Opens Door for Non-Whites on TV.

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